We love dogs, but not at a race

We see a lot of dogs, and sometimes other pets at races and other large events. We love pets, most of us have pets (and children…), but some people are allergic to pets and sometimes large events with lots of people can frighten your pet. This is a family-friendly event and sometimes little kids get frightened by dogs. Even if they are normally the world’s best-behaved dog, it’s best if they stay at home. Over the past few years we’ve seen some dogs who don’t get along with other dogs, we’ve had some frightened children, and one year someone’s dog thought our stacks of bottled water were a rest stop, not a water stop. 🙁 We had to throw away several cases of water that our race participants could have enjoyed.

This past spring the Newington Selectmen enacted a dog ordinance, and dogs are no longer allowed on many town properties, including where our race is held.

You can read the Newington Dog Ordinance here: http://www.newington.nh.us/home/news/new-dog-ordinance

So please leave your pets at home and encourage anyone coming to support you at the race to also leave their dogs at home. Please do not be offended if we ask you to remove your pet from the race, playground, or food areas. We’re trying to save you, and the race committee, from a fine and making sure everyone has an enjoyable time at the race.

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