The planning begins!

As 2016 draws to a close we are thankful for all the participants and volunteers who make our race possible. Everyone’s support allows us to help our small school be a great school!

Volunteering for a race is not just a one day activity, it takes us months to put it all together! We are a completely volunteer-run group of parents and community residents, most of us have jobs and other volunteer commitments, which is why we begin planning early. While we love all our race day volunteers, we also need volunteers months ahead of time to lay the ground work for race day.

Many hands make light work, and that is true for road race planning. Can you help us out? We need volunteers to help with sponsorship, plan social media, send some emails, order supplies, search for donations, and lots, lots, more! Planning is a lot of work for a few people, it’s only a few hours a month for a lot of people. And we could really use a lot of people.

If you can spare an hour or two a month or have some great ideas for our race please get in touch! You can email Gail at gklanchesser @


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