You’ve got questions? We might just have answers ….

When is the race? September 7, 2019 at 5pm

Do you reschedule if it rains? No, it is held rain or shine

What are the fees? Pre-registered $25, Race Day $30

Why do you need emergency contact information? Often times when someone registers for a race they put their home phone number or the name/phone number of a friend or family member who is also in the race as their emergency contact. But if there was an emergency… who is at your home to answer the phone or can your fellow runner/walker be reached? These are the types of questions the volunteers who make up the road race committee discuss when we meet. Let’s face it, we don’t want there to be ANY emergencies during a race. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, injured, or worse. So we’re being very pro-active and ask on our online and paper registration forms for an emergency contact name & number of someone who can be reached during the race if there is an emergency.

How do I get a shirt? When you register for the race you have the opportunity to select a shirt or donate the value of your shirt to support the Newington School Supporters.  However do not despair, we occasionally have some extras and will randomly raffle them off to bib numbers who registered after August 1st at the end of the race. You must be present to claim your shirt if you win one in the raffle. If we still have some left over after the raffle we might sell them. Ask or email us after the race to ask. No guarantees though!

Whoops! I registered, but now can’t make it that day, can I get a refund? Sorry, but no. We do not give refunds. You can transfer your registration to someone else though. You must email us no later than Tuesday September 6th to transfer your registration.

I can’t be there, can I transfer my bib to another participant? Yes, you can transfer your bib to someone else. You must notify Lori by phone or email no later than the Tuesday before the race so she can get all the correct info to the timing company. She will reply to your email or voice mail message to confirm. If you notify us 2 weeks or more in advance your friend will get their name printed on their timing chip and not yours.

Will you have race day registration? Maybe. It depends upon how many people have registered for the race by the Wednesday beforehand. Best bet – reserve your bib and register now.

Can I push my child in a stroller in the race? Yes, yes you can. We do ask that you exercise extra caution throughout the race for the safety of all participants. Please try not to group together with other participants in strollers as it makes it difficult for other non-stroller pushing participants to pass.

Can my child push me in a stroller in the race? Why not.  It’s a great way to see our wonderful town.

Can I pick up my bib (and t-shirt) in advance? We usually have bib pick up on the Friday evening before the race and on Saturday afternoon. We’ll have it posted on our website about a week or two before the race.

What is this Amazing Post Race Food I’ve seen mentioned? We hold a post-race BBQ for everyone after the race. The menu changes slightly from year to year but it will include both hot and cold food. EVERYONE is invited to our amazing post race BBQ so please stay and join us!

Are there restrooms? There are port-a-potties at the Old Town Hall and near the finish line. Since everyone wants to use them just before the race we suggest you ‘go’ before leaving home.

Where is parking? Parking is at the Stone School, the Highway Garage, and on Arboreteum Drive. There is limited parking on Nimble Hill or Little Bay Rd. We have volunteers who will guide you to an appropriate parking spot. Please do not park near any ‘no parking’ signs. Please also be respectful and do not park inside the cemetary walls. To keep the road clear for both runners and vehicles, sections of Nimble Hill Rd and Little Bay Rd may be posted as ‘No Parking’ on race day. Please obey all posted no parking areas.

How many water stops are there? 2

How many cupcake stops are there? None.

Who are all these businesses with tables? Can my business have a table or tent at your race? Those tables & tents are our sponsors! We are so happy to have them join us on race day. Please feel free to visit the tables and meet the very nice people who are supporting the race and the Newington School Supporters. If you’d like to have a table or tent at our race please consider becoming a race sponsor. You can email us or visit our sponsor page for sponsorship information

Are you selling raffle tickets again this year? No, this year we are doing a runners raffle only. We will draw random bib numbers to award the raffle prizes. Runners must be present to win. Unclaimed prizes will be raffled off to the next randomly chosen number. You can check out what we are raffling on our updates page.

How quickly will you reply to my email? If you email us at foxpoint5miler@gmail.com it can take up to a week for us to get back to you. The Fox Point Sunset 5 Mile Road Race Committee is just that, a volunteer committee. We check email roughly once a week. A little less frequently during the winter, a lot more frequently as we get closer to race day.

What is the course like? It has mild and steep hills and a few level spots. It’s both shady and sunny in areas. Check out the map on our home page and come visit Newington and run, walk or bike the course to check it out. Part of the course passes through a locked gate (which is open on race day) and a paved bike path, so the course can not be driven in its entirety by vehicle. You can however easily bike, walk, and run around the gate and down the bike path.

Course map

Course map

Can I spray paint encouraging messages or put signs on the side of the road? In one word: No. You can’t spray paint the road or post signs on the side of the road. How do we know this? Because a few years ago someone did just that and the Selectmen and residents of Newington were not too happy about it. Those supportive and fun messages were still visible on the road almost a year later. A better idea is for you to support your friends and family in the race by standing on the course with a sign and verbally encouraging them to do well. They’ll love to see your happy smiling supportive face while they’re on the course!

Do you provide babysitting? Unfortunately, no, we don’t. If you’re participating in the race and bringing young children to participate in the Fun Run, please bring an adult or responsible older child/teen to watch your child while you’re racing.

Can I bring my dog, cat, or turtle? No. We love pets, but please leave all pets at home.

We strongly encouraging all runners, walkers and spectators to wear insect repellent. Our course travels through wooded areas and near water. It can get pretty buggy and we want everyone to exercise caution and protect themselves from insect bites.

Safety on the Course So we’re not suggesting that you’re not exercising caution or being unsafe during our race, but please be aware of everyone around you. Whether you are a runner, walker, riding in a stroller, or just watching our race. Everyone is there to participate in or watch the race. If you see someone who looks hurt, you bump into someone, someone trips over a stroller, or something happens – please get one of the race volunteers or summon aid. For the safety of everyone at the finish line please do NOT hang out or block the end of the course. It’s frustrating for someone who is finishing later to have to navigate around people to get to the finish line and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

Questions? We might have answers! To reach us with any questions or comments you can visit our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/FoxPoint5Miler), email us (foxpoint5miler@gmail.com), or call Lori at 603-828-1732.

We look forward to seeing you at the race!

Lori Arsenault & Dana Nowell, co-directors of the Fox Point Sunset 5 Mile Road Race and all the volunteers with the Newington School Supporters