Race day info

The Fox Point Sunset 5 Mile Road Race is Saturday!

We’re so glad you registered for our race! Here’s some info & tidbits we’d like to share.

When is the race? This Saturday at 5pm

When is bib pick up? This Friday from 3-7pm at Stoneface Brewery, 436 Shattuck Way in Newington, and Saturday beginning at 3pm at the Old Town Hall in Newington. Please be kind to our volunteers and do not arrive on Friday before 3pm. One year we had participants looking for us as early as 2:30pm on Friday. Many of our volunteers work and we will not be ready for begin bib pick up until 3pm.

Where is the race? The course begins and ends at the Old Town Hall, 338 Nimble Hill Road in Newington, NH. Race Day Bib pick up and Race Day Registration are also at the Old Town Hall. You can find directions here. Basically, once you’re on Nimble Hill Road in Newington drive past the school, fire station, town hall, cemetary, church, and library. The Old Town Hall is on the right after the Town Monuments.

What is the course? The 5 mile course map in on our website. If you have any questions on the course you can email us at foxpoint5miler@gmail.com or comment on our Facebook page.

Where can I park? We have a crew of awesome volunteers to help you park. They’ll have on vibrant orange shirts this year, just follow their parking directions. Parking will be located at the Old Stone School, the Newington Highway Garage, along Arboretum Drive and near the Newington Cemetery. For the safety of the runners, walkers, spectators and regular traffic, parts of Nimble Hill Road and Little Bay Road will be posted as No Parking. Please do not park where it is posted not to.

Where are the bathrooms or porta-potties? All the porta-potties will be located in the parking lot of the Old Town Hall, on the left side of the building. We have an awesome volunteer who will be there to help keep the lines moving, but the line does get long just before the race. If you can ‘go’ before you arrive at the race or visit the porta-potty earlier then you’ll have a much shorter wait in line.

Can I still register my child for the Fun Run? The Fun Run is before the main race and yes… Fun Run Registration is still open! Online Fun Run registration will be open until online race registration closes. We will have race day registration for the Fun Run.

Parents are welcome to run the Fun Run with their children.

Fun Run bib pick up & registration will be located next to Race Day Registration. The Fun Run is on the field on the other side of the BBQ. Race Day registration for the Fun Run is $7 and registration will close at 4pm. Please look for and say ‘Hi!’ to our Fun Run Sponsor, Wentworth Douglass Hospital at Pease.

Do you provide babysitting? Unfortunately, no, we don’t. If you’re participating in the race and bringing young children to participate in the Fun Run, please bring an adult or responsible older child/teen to watch your child while you’re racing.

Where are the water stops? We have 3 water stops along the course; Nimble Hill Road (about 1.1 miles), Old Post Rd (about 2.2 miles) and at Little Bay Road Ext. (just over 4 miles). We will have an additional water stop at the end of the race as well as bottled water at the end of the race.  If it is really hot we may have an additional water stop on Little Bay Road.

What about that amazing post-race BBQ I’ve heard so much about? If you’ve run our race before you know… we have an amazing post-race BBQ! If this is your first time participating in our race just follow your nose to the grill behind the Old Town Hall. We’ll have hamburgers & hot dogs and pizza from Flatbread’s. We’ll also have baked goods, fruit and all the goodies for everyone to enjoy.

A couple of polite reminders… If you’re running or walking with a stroller please start towards the back of the pack and not group together with other stroller participants. It makes it harder for other runners or walkers to move around you. If you’re one of the earlier finishers please move away from the finish course and not linger in the road along the end of the course. It can make it more challenging for those finishing later to get to the finish line if they have to move through or around others who have already finished the course.

Are there still any bibs left? Will there be race day registration? Yes! Come join us!

Will you have race day registration? Yes! We will begin race day registration at 3pm on Friday when we begin early bib pick up at Stoneface Brewery. We will accept race day registrations from 3-7pm on Friday and beginning at 3pm on Saturday at the Old Town Hall in Newington.

We are strongly encouraging all runners, walkers and spectators to wear insect repellent. While we are thrilled that we have not had any local mosquito pools test positive for insect borne diseases, it can still get buggy on part of our course. Our course travels through wooded areas and near water.

Questions? We might have answers! To reach us with any questions or comments you can visit our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/FoxPoint5Miler), email us (foxpoint5miler@gmail.com), or call/email Gail at 603-834-3177 or gklanchesser@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Gail Klanchesser & Peter Latchaw, co-directors of the Fox Point Sunset 5 Mile Road Race and all the volunteers with the Newington School Supporters