The success of our race depends upon the generosity of our sponsors and we thank you for your support.

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The Newington School Supporters are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to:

Provide a forum to enrich, support and facilitate communication and interaction between parents, teachers, and administrators.
Our goals are to insure good communication within the Newington Public School community and to facilitate and encourage opportunities for enrichment. This is accomplished in a variety of ways; from organizing and funding an Artist-in-Residence program, to providing smaller programs and funding to enrich and support the curriculum at the Newington Public School.

Fundraising at a small school can be difficult. Most school fundraising programs involve students and parents buying or selling items or food from catalogs. With a limited number of families these fundraisers prove difficult as we cannot always meet minimum order requirements that these fundraising companies set for their programs. The Fox Point Sunset Road Race has become our single largest fundraiser for the Newington Public School. Held the first Saturday after Labor day, this race has provided funding for the Newington Public School’s technology program, helped purchase new playground equipment, supported visits from local authors, and has funded the Artist-in-Residence Program as well as other smaller programs during the school year. Currently our fundraisign focus is on the revitalization of the school library. Support of the annual Fox Point Sunset Road Race is integral to support our goal of facilitating and encouraging opportunities for enrichment.

We look forward to your organization’s support and thank you for your support in previous years. Your sponsorship of the Fox Point Sunset Road Race is what helps us to provide these opportunities to the students of the Newington Public School.




















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